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 Long Coat Chihuahua Puppies
Cathy's Chihuahua Cuties
Michael & Cathy Lowdermilk 
Mesa, Arizona
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Our puppies are shipped through Continental's PetSafe program to families who live outside of Arizona.  Click the airplane above to view a video about the PetSafe program.
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Zully is due to have puppies in September!
She has 2 beautiful females .
Enjoy their pictures below.

Our Chihuahua Puppies

We specialize in the long coat Chihuahua.  The majority of our puppies will have the
longer hair, however, we do get smooth coat from time to time as well.  Long coat Chihuahua puppies are very fluffy when they are young.  As they blow their puppy
coat and their adult coat begins to come in they will have longer hair on their body
than a smooth coat but it will not be as fluffy as when they were puppies.  The hair on their ears and tail tend to be quite long.  It is a very beautiful look.  Check out the
pictures below and see if you don't agree that the long coat Chihuahua is a beautiful version of this popular breed.
Zully and her sweet babies from a previous litter
Enjoy pictures of Zully's girls from her previous litter.  
Week 2
The babies are 2 weeks old now.  Their eyes are open and they are moving all around their kennel.  Click the image to the left to view their week 2 video.
Week 3
The babies are 3 weeks old now.  They are getting stronger and are moving around with more confidence. Click the image to the right to view their week 3 video.
Week 4
August 16, 2014
The babies are 4 weeks old now.  They are very active and playful now. Click the image to the left to view their week 4 video.
Week 6
August 27, 2014
OOPS...I got a bit behind with the weekly video and pictures.  The girls are incredibly beautiful, playful, sweet, cuddly...need I go on?  I am so in love with them!  At the end of a long, hard day I just grab them up and hold them close.  They snuggle up against me and take all the love I am willing to give!